Micromax will reveal two new and exceptionally affordable 4G mobile phones soon in India. The phones will be named Bharat 1 and Bharat 2. Of these, the Bharat 1 will be a featured phone yet with support for 4G incorporated with it while the Bharat 2 will be an Android smartphone.

Micromax cheif marketing Officer Shubhajit Sen reportedly told that of the two, Bharat 2 is a smartphone that is certified by Google. When it is out in the market, the Bharat 2 will be among the least expensive (Cheapest Smartphone) – and the one upheld by an Famous brand – 4G phones. It will launch around the finish of March or April, presumably in the meantime when Micromax will likewise launch its most premium and top of the line phone till date.

The Bharat 1, in the meantime, will be uncovered half a month after the launch of Bharat 2. This will be a ultimate featured phone, in any case until Jio’s planned a featured phone, which will likewise be 4G-empowered, hits the market in the coming months.

As the 4G network has at last appropriately touched base in India with Jio. The Jio entry has additionally prompted to a major tariff war in the Indian telecom industry, with more established players like Vodafone, Airtel and Idea scrambling to get up to speed to the Jio’s special data plans for its prime members. Once 1GB 4G data used to cost up to Rs 100 in the nation, however, now the tariff has gone down to as cheap as Rs 10 for each GB.

It is probable that with tariff rates for 4G data so low, Micromax would like to ride the 4G bandwagon with its reasonable 4G phones. Both Bharat 1 and Bharat 2 look like exciting mobile phones and the Bharat 2, which will be an appropriate Android cell phone, may turn being a major hit with purchasers in India who are as yet sitting tight for greater phone organizations to contend with the Jio Lyf telephones in the beginner level segment of the market.

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